Monday, January 13, 2014

Swiss Side - La Kustom Kulture à l'Heure suisse

The Swiss Side Forum gather kustom kulture’s enthousiasts from Switzerland’s french side, as well as France and other countries. Thanks to the many local events, posts are always abundantly provided with lot of cool pictures. The project was to realize a collective photobook, wich ended with the participation of seven forum’s members – amateur or professionnal – and to the release of : 

Swiss Side : La Kustom Kulture à l’Heure suisse

(Swiss Side : Swiss O’clock’s Kustom Kulture)

Through many different views – doing a burn with a chopper in an old barn, a group of friends fighting the rain during a ride, the emotional rise during the build of a bike or a hot rod in the sunset – we tried to picture this local kustom kulture scene.

The book is by now available on (, at the starting price of 21.95 €. As a collective and free project, this amount only represent the print cost.

Thanks for your support.

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