Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ride to Love

[Col des Mosses | 26.06.2011]

While on the road through the Alps, the sweet feeling of freedom kind of remind me one of the greatest text I read about riding. This is taken from the DicE #37...

“Ok man, total stream of conscience. Tried to sort of write down what I think about while on the bike.
Live to Ride, Ride to Live. Looking at the phrase nowadays can seem a little packaged and superficial. Watered down. I prefer this better. Love to Ride, Ride to Love.
We live in a world where things we love so much can get gobbled up by the masses and soon become so watered down as to find ourselves bitter about the future. Conformity is a bitch, all shapes and sizes of it, doesn't matter the type. Conform is a dirty word. We may struggle every day, with work, relationships, bills, the stresses of life in general. Who are we ? Why are we here ? Trust, friendship, love, what does it all mean ?
Love to Ride
I remember that feeling of being abandoned, needing a love so bad you physicallv hurt. Oh, but I remember that feeling when a brother hugs you and tells you it's good to see you. That feeling of seeing your woman's smiling face in the morning. Back and forth the mind goes searching the good and the bad. When your woman leaves you, or your dog dies. Fishing with your Dad. Meeting someone for the first time with a warm smile. Seeing your child’s face. Feelings that defy description. Oh, that is what we search for. Chills up the spine, goose bumps, that lump in the throat, tear in the eye. Sometimes, there’s nothing, nothing but feelings. Those feelings are everything and nothing all at the same time. Time stands still, and speeds up, or doesn’t even exist. Nothing matters but this moment. Nothing IS but now. Searching for what ? Dreams ? Connections ? Meaning ? Nothing ? Finding everything. Now is all we have. A machine, two wheels and a motor, it carries the body, mind, and spirit places. Some places are tangible, but the places that really matter are hopeful, soulful, bountiful, beautiful, spiritual, thoughtful and meaningful. Is it possible that 2 wheels can make you a better person ? Yes, yes it can. Ride to Love

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