Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wheels Fest 2k11


[Lignières | 18-19.06.2011]

The hell of a weekend ! It started really bad with the worse weather you could expect. Raining cats and fucking dawgs at saturday morning. We had to wait a bit to move to Lignières, but we finally reached the place dry and safe.

We set our camp on the field. Quite alone due to the weather. People weren't up to come there on saturday to be washed by the rain. Sunday had a better luck Hopefully, the sun showed few times, even if always quickly followed by rain. And this lasts during the whole weekend ! Kind of tiring !

A bad weather could not ruin everything. We had great time watching the drifters on the track, a nice MTX's race with both adults and kids, skate-roller-bmx tricks on the big air. Too bad for MTX freestyler, the wind kept strong through the two days and they could land only few airs. Nice spots at the village, especially the VW's oldies, some lowriders, few bikes from Bad Boys Motorcycles and others, two custom bicycles' stalls with Ocobike & BCBC. And last but not least, the Fuel Girls offered many shows while rubber were burned by drifters' cars and bikes on the stage.

Above all, we had some great laughs at the camp. Kind of creepy at night with the wind and sometimes some rain. But we had music, beers and food : enough to entertain us until we went sleeping.

The organizer's crew did a wonderful job, unfortunately the weather played a bad part in the affair !

Nevertheless, Wheels Fest 2012, here we come !

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